Tuesday, June 14, 2011

  Friends and Family,

 We were in Bishop California for Mules Days and oh my, you should have seen the 20 mule team pulling the old freight wagons. This is a wonderful sight if you ever have the chance. You will remember this like watching the Budweiser horses perform.  It’s amazing to see the Mules at this level. We also had a lot of customers from all over California, and Nevada. Some brought us treats, thanks for that! Of course we had a great time and fitted lots of friends for some new hats. 

Oh my Diesel was $5.29 a Gallon there. It almost pushed me over the edge. I really was trying to figure out how to be more like Fred Flintstone.

We have a lot of new designs; Low Safari, Rancho Deluxe, a new Drover for the outdoor enthusiast. You can see these on our new postcards and watch our new video on the web site.

We are involved with some exciting new hats for Burns cowboy shop in Park city Utah, and Carmel by the Sea California.

We will be in Napa Valley, California later this summer. We will update everyone as we get closer.

I will be in Denver at the Old west show and auction June 25th, 26th, and 27th, at the Denver Merchandise Mart on exit 58th right off the interstate. Rand's has a showroom #4543 there. We’ll have a lot of hat samples, it will be easy to fit and show anyone our hats. If anyone would like to visit just e-mail me for an appointment and you can stop, get fitted, and try on samples. 

We have so much Rain in Montana that it is flooding everywhere, and 200% above normal snow pack. There will be lots of hay for the horses.

That’s all for now

Calls us 1-800-346-9815

Happy Trails from Montana

Ritch Rand

Customer Letter

Just got back home from Billings and from acquiring my new hat.

Words cannot express my satisfaction with one of the best buying experiences in my 74 years. The professional way I was treated and the service I received was beyond compare.

I especially want to thank Randy, Luke and Chely for making me feel welcome and for providing just the help I needed. To find out that I was able to walk out with just the hat I was looking for was a super experience.

Please thank these folks for being just what any customer could ever hope for.

I surely will be a continued customer because of a great product and of even greater assistance from your employees.

Thanks again.

Cheers.... Ell & Carol Bennett

Friday, June 10, 2011

Customer Letter

Greetings you lucky mountain folks,

        The UPS guy just dropped it off minutes before I left for lunch.  WOW.....What a hat.  Ya' done good pod'na.  It's a beauty, snake bonz n' all.  Wore her to town for lunch and everybody noticed I had a new hat.  Since I'm only one of two guys around town that wear western hats, I guess I stick out in the crowd.

She fits like a million bucks too.  Don't throw that gizmo fitting machine away, that things priceless. When you stuck that old thing on my head I wasn't sure, but I can tell you right now, this baby fits so perfect it's a fifty-mile an hour hat. No need for a stampede string on this rascal.

When I mount up on my 17h Percheron Draft Mule (black w/ nice points) in this hat at the Memorial Day Parade....No plain old quarter horse outfit will beat us.  Hee-hee   Awe...ya' know us broom-tail guys....always brag'n.
Randy....I can't thank you enough.  You made it just as you told me, and as I pictured it.  This has moved into first place as my favorite of some twenty some hats I own. Although I must tell you.  The old hat you restored for me and made into a "Festus Hagen" hat has brought me the most complements of all my hats.  Everywhere I go they ask where I got the good look'n hat.  I purchased that old hat from Rod's Western Wear in ColumbusOhio during the Quarter Horse Congress some twelve years ago.  My wife's been wanting to throw it away for years, but you gave it a second life and as I said, I've gotten more complements on that old hat since you "restyled her."  Just perfect for an old wanna-be Festus muleskinner like me.
I'm telling you.  You should think about adding a "Festus" to your Gus, Tom Mix, and Tom Horn hat line.  Just try a couple and see.  I was in Columbus right after you sent it back to me buying cars at the auction and stopped by Rod's on the way home.  As I walked by the hat department the manager said, "Nice hat, where'd ya' get it."  I laughed and said, "Right here."  He said, "No way."  Then I told him how you had restored my old hat.  Even he liked the style, so you guys might want to think about hang'n one on the wall there just to see if it draws flies or a customer.
Speaking of Rod's.  You should contact them to be a dealer, for he's the largest vender at the Quarter Horse Congress.  It's one heck of a horse show, the largest in the world and lasts 28 days.  Shorty has a booth there every year so she must sell a few hats there.  Rod stocks a lot of hats but only a few high end hats, and nothing like yours.  I'll be more than happy to demo (show-off) my new hat to them if you think you'd want to make him a dealer.  You need somebody in Ohio, and Columbuswould be perfect.
Well it's snowing like crazy, got over 13" last night, (lake effect snow from Lake Erie) so I'm heading down to the barn to hitch up my mule girls to the sleigh.  I'll be able to give this hat a forty mile an hour test by sunset.
Randy....Thanks so much from "Rooster" the one-eyed fat man of MedinaOhio
Tim Godard

Customer Letter

This is Jacky Wilkins from N.C. My wife Tammy, my friend Francis, and myself came into your store last week while we were on vacation. I have been looking at your catalog for a while, but never would commit to ordering because I am very particular about my hats and didn't want to order something without trying it on and seeing what it looks like on me. I never thought I would have the opportunity to actually come to Montana and visit your store. Luke spent a lot of time helping us decide on what we like and was very patient in listening to what we are looking for. My hat fits perfect! The more I wear it, the better I like it. I get a lot of comments about how great it looks. I just wanted Luke to know how much we enjoyed the time we spent in your store, and how pleasant the experience was with him and the staff. I will be sure to tell everyone about how great your company has been to my friends and me. I will be calling Luke shortly to order my wife's hat. The visit to your store was one of the highlights of my Montana experience that I will always remember. Thanks Luke, You've been great!