Friday, August 31, 2012

Rands on the Road

Going back in time to a private Ranch
We're running multiple shows at the same time. We pulled in the A team from Texas to cater to an elite ranch that makes you feel like a cowboy from the old west. A complete town has been created on 70,000 acres. Boardwalks, livery stables, a jail , a saloon, the WHOLE town. We custom fit these guests who hail from all parts of the globe. They are enthused and get fitted for custom hats, some western and some from out safari line.  We like to share. While many purchase our hats for fun and fashion,they are a tool first and foremost, keeping and protecting you from the elements. That reminds me, a good cowboy and friend of mine Karl B. was building a new indoor arena. While up on a ladder he was tossing 2x4 spacers up to a friend in the rafters. Well you guessed it! Next thing he herd was Karl look out!, he looked up and Baam! Right in the Hat. Knocked him off the ladder, but caused no real damage. Rands hat saved the day. 
Bringing hats to a Vin-yard near you!

When we last left you were prospecting in California. Well there is more than gold to be found. We custom measured and fit new and old friends a like. From Santa Barbra to ( bottoms up) tothe Trefethen family.  Trefethen winery hosts Stomp and put on a grand auction and affair. The auction benefits the grape growers migrant educational fund. This not being our first year we are constantly amazed of the dedication and care put into every grape, every bottle and by every person. On a personal note Hailey Trefethen was so impressed with Rands hats she said she wanted to start a Rands Custom Hat Fan Club. We are most flattered and guess Hailey that makes you President!

Napa, The Hoxley's not to mention The stomp festival found
wine enthusiast who loved our his and hers hats with custom
hand adorned grape leaf on the crown. Weather in the saddle or the vineyards of Northern Cali

In our travels we had a chance to visit with great people. In listening to some of their experiences we we're tickled to find everyone has challenges: let us share a couple stories we enjoyed. While in Carmel one of our customers said, they tried to break into my car and damaged the windshield. I suggested it was a simple matter and the auto glass companies could dispatch truck and repair it as they have for me in the past. He laughed and said not for a Bentley . The glass was so tough it withstood a thief's advances and did not break. They are practically bullet proof. And Ritch they cost $18,000 dollars. With this story in mind we fast forward to the STOMP event were another man was talking about his windshield experience. It seems he just flew in on his private Lear jet and had a bird strike. Trying to make him feel better I told him about the $18,000 windshield . He laughed and said I wish it was $18,000 . The bird did $70,000 worth of damage. So the next time that truck in front of you kicks up a rock and cracks your windshield, remember it could be worse.

Nancy and Andy Hoxsey owners of the napa wine company
custom growers and bottling still found time to host yet again a
wonderful Rands custom hat fitting in their home. It was a great
success and we are in their debt. For people who are customers
and then become friends it is so comforting to know, they love
you and what you do enough to invite you into their own home.

Rand's Hats keeps you covered. We love what we do and who we do it for. Some of our new customers we met, shared with us a Doctors recommendation/Prescription for a hat to shade them
from the ravages of the sun. Something to think about. We like
to share, while many purchase our hats for fun and fashion,
Hats are a tool first!

Happy Trails!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Rands on the road.

Well we're doubling down this month. Doing two shows at once. We have a top notch crew heading to a private western ranch in Montana, while I head west to California for a collection of,  great hat venues. Bringing rands custom hats to a town near you! Many heads to measure and miles to go before I sleep. We have developed some  great new designs. Some of which take you back to some old favorite westerns. Remember steve McQueen in the Magnificent 7. We've got it, this compact dimensioned hat is  distressed and  will instill a swagger in you,  Steve McQueen  himself would be proud of.  Our Saddle club collection is doing fine and destined to become a core line. Remember Holidays are just around the corner, please share those gift ideas so we can reach those dead lines within our current production. Thats more than just hats! Custom cedar blocks make great gifts as well as hat cans and accessories. We make great gift baskets that would make anyone smile, and for all budgets . When in Billings remember our door is always open, so drop on in and see us building hats, and maybe squeeze one in for you. I,ll keep you all posted with our many adventures on the road as well as home. 

P.S on a sad note I retired my old friend and horse RENO today. Moved him to pasture for the rest of his days. He'll want for no more. Never be ridden and have new friends to play with. He will be missed. I'll always remember the times we've shared.

Happy Trails