Sunday, March 11, 2012

Customer Letter

Hello, Mr. Rand and Staff,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am thrilled with my new custom Rand Hat!
 The entire experience leaves me with quite a feeling of satisfaction! I can
 now say, "I AM a real cowgirl!" with confidence!
From the first step in your front door, Mr. Ritch Rand, you were a gentleman
and a scholar! In no time, you and my husband set me up with style, color
and practicality, all keeping in mind a 'working hat' I could wear every
day. You also had just gotten back from NFR with new orders and you so
generously put our order first and it would be done in February. Did I ever
feel special! I was happy to get the call it was finished and we rushed up
and was helped by your courteous, friendly staff. Let me tell you, I can
wear it every day and have never before experienced a comfortable hat that
stays on while loping in the wind, (the windstring didn't even tug) and it
fits without any pressure anywhere! I am amazed! I am proud to wear your
If only I had it at the time of filming! (See first link below....the US
State Dept. did a 3 minute profile of our cattle ranching family to help
educate foreign countries on "America Out West".)