Friday, September 23, 2011

Letter for YOU!

Dear Rand hat friends.
Fall is here and we now look forward to the NFR, our new hats, and hat bands for the show in Las Vegas. (Dec. 1st - 10th). I just returned from Denver Market and we are excited for a great fall and winter. Our dealers are very excited about the new Rancho Deluxe hats. Rands will have samples and pictures from the saddle club collection coming soon to our blog and face book.
We are stocking many colors and styles for Christmas at Black Bear Trading Company in Telluride Colorado.
The ranch at Rock Creek has a new store and a lot of Rand's hats for the guests. Look up Guest Ranch on the internet as it is over the top. You can really get away in style. We started working with them a year ago and they now have had a great season and lots of chances to abuse the Hats at the Ranch.
I was asked to do an interview on t.v. the other day and for those who don't know there ARE two 4's on your alarm clock. I needed to be at the Studio by 5:45 AM. I live 35 miles from town. It turned out good for the hat shop and I appreciate our customers who want to know more about the hat making process. I still have a great passion for this business.
I am going to Cody, Wyoming one day this next week to see Seidel's Saddlery. Keith, the owner, works with the Buffalo Bill Museum in producing a special piece of art work in leather every year. Keith and Lisa also own and run a beautiful Store in Downtown Cody, if you ever go, it is right next to the Famous Irma hotel. This is where Buffalo Bill Cody always Stayed.  
We are starting a sampling process at Beth West in Clear View, Washington. Don't worry; it is just a neat western store in and close to Seattle. Lance the owner has a passion for Hats.  Watch for the Rand hats there soon.  We are now designing some new hats for this store. We let Lance pick and help design as well. I will be in Seattle for a few days and the end of this month. My son Ben and I will get to catch up as he lives there. He grew up in the hat business and is a man who can really give a hat the test in the outdoors. 
Rand's is having a lot of trouble with the fine fur felt this year. It seems to have gone way up in price, but down in quality. Our prices to the customer have changed very little. Our hand selected sweatbands made from the best leather we can get, is thru the roof. We are very selective and it is a narrow field to choose from. That is if you don't want the parts of your hat made and imported from a country you cannot pronounce. 
Everybody needs to go to Barnes and Nobel and ask for the Montana Magazine. There are some great things to see and do in Montana, and of course, a new article about our love of the hat business.    
Also read and see our newest hat in the September issue of JLPowell magazine.  this is a wonderful catalog for the Sporting life. Call them and ask for a catalog or look them up. You will be amazed at the quality of goods. I bought a sweatshirt from them the other day and the packaging was worth the order.
Watch for the new Schaefer Ranch Wear catalog for October. They have a lot of outdoor and cowboy gear.    Rick and Lynn Grant are the owners and you can call or write them and get any answers you might have about their clothing and gear. By the way all MADE IN THE USA. 
One question that is always asked is, “can you get color swatches from us”. YES, YES and YES
Call or write us for your choices and questions. Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM  Mountain time in the USA. 
Watch for our new interactive ad in the cowboy way.  
Happy Trials for now! My dog (Annie) is chasing the Wild turkeys and the horses need to be fed.
Be sure to write us with your comments and pictures. 
Happy Birthday to our good friend Josh.... 
                                               From the Ranch in Montana   
                                                       Thanks   Ritch 

Quick customer letter

Thank you for taking care of my request to have my hat resized and delivered
by the end of October. Your customer service has been the best, and I
appreciate it so much. 

If you can, I would like a catalog sent with the hat.
I plan to order another one of your hats soon. 

Thank you again


Thursday, September 22, 2011

One quick thought

 There is no self service at Rand's
Would you like your hat Good, Quick or cheap?   (PICK TWO) 


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quick post for today


Congratulations on the nice feature article in the latest Montana Magazine.
Very nice.

I can't wait for you to be done with my new Sporting Clays hat!!


 Mark LaRowe