Monday, August 29, 2011

A customer calls us the other day and started in with a story that is unreal. He’s a customer that ordered a hat six years ago and after placing his order he gets in a serious Horse wreck. Now he can't remember who he is when he wakes up every morning. Six years later his wife was cleaning out the guest room and was getting ready to throw away his old rand hat box when she saw the box and remembered they had a hat on order. Of course we had modified his hats somewhere along the line during the past years but, we had his hat intact still waiting for him…..Only in Montana.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Dear Hat Fans and Customers,
What a busy few weeks we have had here in Billings.  We’ve had even more tornado warnings, and a lot of rain in the middle of the day. It’s still summer here and the horses are enjoying the summer pasture. Since Montana had a record spring rain fall and winter snow pack, the rivers have finally gone down to normal levels. The county has finally, about two weeks ago, removed the sand bags from the side of our Bridges. 
Our friends from Switzerland at Western Art Outfitters came for their annual hat buying visit. Kurt and his family, always have a big smile on their faces and bring a lot of stories to our shop. They stayed in Montana for a week this time. We enjoyed the time they spent in our shop. They want to have a street party in 2012 at his store. He would invite 200 of his closest friends. Kudos to our friend Kurt and his Store.
Our friends from Reis Ranch in California were in Billings for a two day horse training seminar. Be sure to catch his no dust tour. RFD TV and all the rest is on his web site at His summer clinics are everywhere. I personally have attended his clinic's for 20 years and always learn something new. Any horse and any problem, Dennis is on it.
The first week of this month, August, we were helping all the PBR customers for a big PBR event in Billings. This draws a huge crowd from all over the Planet. Rand's worked a lot of days in a row to take care of a huge crowd for this event.
Next week we are hosting a private party in Napa, California for the stomp wine growers. Myself and one other staff member will be in St Helena, California at the range mercantile for a opening event, also in San Francisco for a private event. We are being hosted by the Napa wine company on Friday night for a private show in Yountville. If anybody needs to be fitted call my store and we will try to meet up with you while we’re in your area.
We will Be in Denver for the market at the Denver Merchandise Mart on Sept. 9th, 10th, and 11th  So if you need a private fitting call us.
We are working with a new account in the Seattle area for new designs and stock hats. We will update you on this store as we go.
Watch for our hats in the new JL Powell USA catalog coming out in the next few weeks for fall  Great sporting hats 
Watch for a special addition hat in the Schaefer Ranchwear Catalog in the fall 
Last but not least we are shipping some custom hats to ORVIS for the made in USA store. I will update everyone on this in the next couple of weeks. ORVIS wanted some Rand's hats custom made for a project on the East Coast.
I will be in Park city Utah for the fall. I will update everyone on that also. See our hats a Burns cowboy shop in Park city. 
Ask for Jake or Stephanie and they will make sure you are taken care of.
Send in some real pictures so we can post them and let everyone see our friends on the road.
Thanks to Dave, Austin, Terri, Chely, Katie, Randy, Luke, Josh, Jorge, Kelly, Steve, Yank and our new trainee Cathy. You will meet some of these people in our store and on the road. All of our friends and employee's are a great support staff for Rand's to bring you the customer the best hat on the planet.
From Montana at the Ranch 
Ritch R.