Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Customer Christmas Letter

     Just received my new hat (on Christmas Eve), perfect, just perfect, ya'll are incredible, thank you so very much, I thought three hats would be enough, but given my Wife's reaction, there might be a number four in my future, sure would like to come and visit your place, thanks again, 

Paul J. Lee 

Customer Letter

 Thank you Mr. Rand

Just dropping a simple note to offer my gratitude for the courteousness and assistance that Mr. Rand offered me while inquiring about the 45 Two Dot.

As a son of a small business owner here in Arizona, I can certainly identify with the sign of our times, and complexity of owning a small business.  I am equally happy to know there are some people out there (like Mr. Rand) that allow us the luxury of hanging on to the “true” cowboy traditions and craftsmanship from our American past.
Again, thank you for taking the time to speak, and I will call again on Friday to order.
Highest Regards