Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stetson boots and a Rand Hat at the airport in Vegas. The Hats is his shade for some sleep. Big or samll we hit them all. The hats keeps on going and going.

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Year

Dear Rand's customers and Family..  

It has been a long Journey the last few months since we left in December for the NFR in Las Vegas.

This will be the first year in many years that our winter markets and shows all cross over on some of their dates. Being in two places at once with our professional staff that has worked for us for many years was very difficult to say the least.  The NFR was terrific and we worked there for two weeks showing off all our new hats.  We are constantly coming up with new low crowns and special bands. We have more that a dozen new hats to share with you now. If you have something special in mind just e-mail us a photo and we can duplicate the hat for you in any color. After the NFR everybody on our staff were wore down to a frazzle. Some had a cold and flu bug.
We drove to Reno and put our Truck and Trailer in Storage, for the next event. which was coming up right after Christmas.
Next, we had to be in Denver for the WESA Market and the Stock show. This is the biggest wholesale market for Stores Western of the year. I personally had to leave a little early and take a plane to Reno. Which is still very frustrating  for a cowboy with a hat and a briefcase. No room to sit on these planes. For those of you who know me I am 6ft. 8 inches tall and believe me there is no place for me on planes these days. I need a special permit just to sit where my knees aren't in the isle.
So staff and I greeted all the outdoor hunters and sportsman at the FNAWS Hunting expo. We have exhibited there for more than 20 years. After that I was supposed to fly back to Billings and the plane was late and I had a terrible cough and cold.  I spent the next week in bed in a hotel. Finally My staff at my office and my doctor at home sent me some drugs to help me start to recover from a terrible virus.
We have the largest outdoor show of the year the Safari club International show in Vegas. Back we go with our Truck and Trailer in tow. If you have not added this up yet myself and other staff members have been gone for weeks.
Our new low safari hats soft in many colors, were a huge hit at this show. We have been showing there and involved with these sportsman for 25 years.  We are producing all our new styles in photos, and post cards we can get you pictures and color samples if you need.
We have new dealers coming on as Special Rand hat shop dealers all over this year. I will update everyone soon. One in Cheyenne Wyo. Canada, Utah, Santa Fe. N Mexico. and  Calif x 2  we are working on additional dealers in the Denver area.
Our  designer Josh A. spent a week in our shop helping us design a bunch of new hats for the Saddle club collection.
Big Thanks to josh for Fresh Ideas, Great art, And many laughs.
One of our new hats is the McQue 7  just like the Steve McQueen hat in Magnificent 7 what a great movie.
Of course when we were traveling we have been inspired to make an additional new Rockin Bar hat in smoke with a hand braided very small hat band and a contrasting binding ribbon edge.  It is a handsome hat. We saw a lot of our friends on the road that we only get to see once a year. Too many to mention. We are very grateful that we got through another year and have a lot of long term relationships that continue on. Randy, Connie, Josh, Thad, Jessica, Rudy. Tom, Nancy, Bruce, Rudy, Sonny, Tamara, Don, ,Kim, Cathy, Steve, Keith, Lisa, Jack, Barc, Kelly, Jorge, Jim. We lost one of our old friends Jack Upchurch Sr. This year.. forgive me as there are to many of our loyal friends that we only get to see once and a while. Dave, Trent, Gary, Sue, Mike, Kate, Austin, Most of our crew who have real lives ourside of Rand's have trained and worked for us for many years and we always Thank them very much
Keep sending in your pictures and Thank you goes out for all the E-mails..