Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quick Pic

        Say Thanks to our long time customer Steve W, and our Rand's safari hat. The right hat helped with the Sun protection and a great hunt. 
                                                                                                    Ritch R.


Rand's on quality grading.
Why is our 10X cost more than others.
Grading and X's. I will not speak for others. I can say that
Rand's 10X is 100 % PURE BEAVER fur felt, please forgive
me at the risk of being repetitious... Rand's 10X is
fur felt! Many other
companies call this a 100X.
Still others call it, simply
100% pure beaver. Where the
plot thickens is, hair from all
over the body is still pure
beaver. Your premium beaver
comes from the belly of the
beaver. Randy's calls its hats
made from this area 20X,
while others may call it 100,
200, 500x or more. Years ago the grading was more modest. At Rand's we continue in this tradition. Bare in mind. Grading is not regulated or standardized. Any hat company can put anything they want in a hat. For example: what is a 100X straw that's not felt and most times not even straw but rice paper. 
   Yes most straw hats for sale are not even straw. So buyer
beware. Judge the hat on its own merit. The hat should look
good, feel great and perform. That means hold its shape
and keep its color. Some manufactures place cosmetic
powders, much like woman's makeup to give the hat a rich
luster. This process leaches out
in the rain. Our hat bodies are
dyed with an ink dye which is
color fast. In addition, I believe we are the only hat company that waterproofs All of its hats with Bickmoore water proofing solution. This process adds a further layer of protection to an already water resistant beaver fur felt. Rand's is committed to producing the finest
quality and performing hats possible. So when some one
tells you they got a 100x hat custom made for you cheaper
than our 20x, remember ...
All hats are not equal. Some
are made better and some
cost more. They're a lot of
great custom hats out there.
We would like YOU to try a
Rand's Custom Hats.... Where we put more than X's in the hat!

Happy trails,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Picking a Hat that looks good on you!

It's easier than you think.
 Most people have preconceived views of themselves. For example, I've heard some shorter people think they need a smaller hat, not wanting to look like Yosemite Sam and then tall people say the same, stating they are to tall already. Women almost always want a small hat when first starting out. What all these people have in common is they are not comfortable with this new thing on their head. So guidelines are just that, guidelines. Big hair big hat... For balance. 

The Gus crease looks great Round face shape ... sharp edges, square face... smooth edges. but they are just guidelines. It's like Justin Wilson the Cajun chef said about the type of wine you should drink with your food. Is the kind of wine YOU like! Same goes for hats. If you have a connection with John Wayne in a certain movie. Own it, have fun with it. If you are using your hat for a Narrow cattleman looks great with a small chin. Like Hunting or horseback riding, we can make some physical recommendations . For example bird hunters get a shorter brim so they don't lose line of site as they aim their gun. Note the custom made hat band we made with regional quail feathers. Bottom line let us help. We do this all the time. We will ask a few questions and will put you in a hat that will work for your need and make you look great as well. Oh yeah we specialize in people that strongly believe they just don't look good in hats. We are professionals , this is all we do. Let use build a hat for you or a loved one. You'll be glad you did!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Rand's back in the Shop

Quality sewn in every stitch, by hand! Sure we have sewing machines. But did you know Rands sews their Premium leather sweats in by hand because it produces less holes per running inch. Why is that important? Sewing machines put so many holes in your hat, and it undermines the integrity of the hat. It's like a spiral bound note book page. That's why the pages rip so easily. The close placed holes. This would make sense if you had a built to last view. You see Rands customers are working cowboys, Ranchers, Hunters and the like. Years down the road, many bring their hat (an old friend) to us to renovate . We clean, re-block , replace the silk liner , and you guessed it. Sew a new leather sweat in. By hand sewing in the sweat the first time, it leave ample room to sew it in the the next time. Just another step Rands takes to ensure you will have years of use and enjoyment.

Ohh yeah that includes hand stitching the hat bands too! No electric band tackers here. Nope, you won't see that signature threaded knot here. It's an old world touch that takes a little more time. But we think it's worth it.

... And ribbon galore. They don't make much of this anymore. And if you need a certain color you have to buy thousands of yards to place and order. Thank heavens we have thousands of yards in many colors and sizes. Some of which is vintage and no longer in production. So when ordering a hat, it's so much more. Look inside, turn down the leather sweatband. You will see the signature of the individual Rand's hatter that made your hat. Their proud of what they've done and you should be too!Rand's  Custom Hats... Heirloom hats, built one at a time, by custom hatters from start to finish.

All of our best to you!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Rands on the Road

Going back in time to a private Ranch
We're running multiple shows at the same time. We pulled in the A team from Texas to cater to an elite ranch that makes you feel like a cowboy from the old west. A complete town has been created on 70,000 acres. Boardwalks, livery stables, a jail , a saloon, the WHOLE town. We custom fit these guests who hail from all parts of the globe. They are enthused and get fitted for custom hats, some western and some from out safari line.  We like to share. While many purchase our hats for fun and fashion,they are a tool first and foremost, keeping and protecting you from the elements. That reminds me, a good cowboy and friend of mine Karl B. was building a new indoor arena. While up on a ladder he was tossing 2x4 spacers up to a friend in the rafters. Well you guessed it! Next thing he herd was Karl look out!, he looked up and Baam! Right in the Hat. Knocked him off the ladder, but caused no real damage. Rands hat saved the day. 
Bringing hats to a Vin-yard near you!

When we last left you were prospecting in California. Well there is more than gold to be found. We custom measured and fit new and old friends a like. From Santa Barbra to ( bottoms up) tothe Trefethen family.  Trefethen winery hosts Stomp and put on a grand auction and affair. The auction benefits the grape growers migrant educational fund. This not being our first year we are constantly amazed of the dedication and care put into every grape, every bottle and by every person. On a personal note Hailey Trefethen was so impressed with Rands hats she said she wanted to start a Rands Custom Hat Fan Club. We are most flattered and guess Hailey that makes you President!

Napa, The Hoxley's not to mention The stomp festival found
wine enthusiast who loved our his and hers hats with custom
hand adorned grape leaf on the crown. Weather in the saddle or the vineyards of Northern Cali

In our travels we had a chance to visit with great people. In listening to some of their experiences we we're tickled to find everyone has challenges: let us share a couple stories we enjoyed. While in Carmel one of our customers said, they tried to break into my car and damaged the windshield. I suggested it was a simple matter and the auto glass companies could dispatch truck and repair it as they have for me in the past. He laughed and said not for a Bentley . The glass was so tough it withstood a thief's advances and did not break. They are practically bullet proof. And Ritch they cost $18,000 dollars. With this story in mind we fast forward to the STOMP event were another man was talking about his windshield experience. It seems he just flew in on his private Lear jet and had a bird strike. Trying to make him feel better I told him about the $18,000 windshield . He laughed and said I wish it was $18,000 . The bird did $70,000 worth of damage. So the next time that truck in front of you kicks up a rock and cracks your windshield, remember it could be worse.

Nancy and Andy Hoxsey owners of the napa wine company
custom growers and bottling still found time to host yet again a
wonderful Rands custom hat fitting in their home. It was a great
success and we are in their debt. For people who are customers
and then become friends it is so comforting to know, they love
you and what you do enough to invite you into their own home.

Rand's Hats keeps you covered. We love what we do and who we do it for. Some of our new customers we met, shared with us a Doctors recommendation/Prescription for a hat to shade them
from the ravages of the sun. Something to think about. We like
to share, while many purchase our hats for fun and fashion,
Hats are a tool first!

Happy Trails!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Rands on the road.

Well we're doubling down this month. Doing two shows at once. We have a top notch crew heading to a private western ranch in Montana, while I head west to California for a collection of,  great hat venues. Bringing rands custom hats to a town near you! Many heads to measure and miles to go before I sleep. We have developed some  great new designs. Some of which take you back to some old favorite westerns. Remember steve McQueen in the Magnificent 7. We've got it, this compact dimensioned hat is  distressed and  will instill a swagger in you,  Steve McQueen  himself would be proud of.  Our Saddle club collection is doing fine and destined to become a core line. Remember Holidays are just around the corner, please share those gift ideas so we can reach those dead lines within our current production. Thats more than just hats! Custom cedar blocks make great gifts as well as hat cans and accessories. We make great gift baskets that would make anyone smile, and for all budgets . When in Billings remember our door is always open, so drop on in and see us building hats, and maybe squeeze one in for you. I,ll keep you all posted with our many adventures on the road as well as home. 

P.S on a sad note I retired my old friend and horse RENO today. Moved him to pasture for the rest of his days. He'll want for no more. Never be ridden and have new friends to play with. He will be missed. I'll always remember the times we've shared.

Happy Trails

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Customer Letter

Hello, Mr. Rand and Staff,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am thrilled with my new custom Rand Hat!
 The entire experience leaves me with quite a feeling of satisfaction! I can
 now say, "I AM a real cowgirl!" with confidence!
From the first step in your front door, Mr. Ritch Rand, you were a gentleman
and a scholar! In no time, you and my husband set me up with style, color
and practicality, all keeping in mind a 'working hat' I could wear every
day. You also had just gotten back from NFR with new orders and you so
generously put our order first and it would be done in February. Did I ever
feel special! I was happy to get the call it was finished and we rushed up
and was helped by your courteous, friendly staff. Let me tell you, I can
wear it every day and have never before experienced a comfortable hat that
stays on while loping in the wind, (the windstring didn't even tug) and it
fits without any pressure anywhere! I am amazed! I am proud to wear your
If only I had it at the time of filming! (See first link below....the US
State Dept. did a 3 minute profile of our cattle ranching family to help
educate foreign countries on "America Out West".)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stetson boots and a Rand Hat at the airport in Vegas. The Hats is his shade for some sleep. Big or samll we hit them all. The hats keeps on going and going.

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Year

Dear Rand's customers and Family..  

It has been a long Journey the last few months since we left in December for the NFR in Las Vegas.

This will be the first year in many years that our winter markets and shows all cross over on some of their dates. Being in two places at once with our professional staff that has worked for us for many years was very difficult to say the least.  The NFR was terrific and we worked there for two weeks showing off all our new hats.  We are constantly coming up with new low crowns and special bands. We have more that a dozen new hats to share with you now. If you have something special in mind just e-mail us a photo and we can duplicate the hat for you in any color. After the NFR everybody on our staff were wore down to a frazzle. Some had a cold and flu bug.
We drove to Reno and put our Truck and Trailer in Storage, for the next event. which was coming up right after Christmas.
Next, we had to be in Denver for the WESA Market and the Stock show. This is the biggest wholesale market for Stores Western of the year. I personally had to leave a little early and take a plane to Reno. Which is still very frustrating  for a cowboy with a hat and a briefcase. No room to sit on these planes. For those of you who know me I am 6ft. 8 inches tall and believe me there is no place for me on planes these days. I need a special permit just to sit where my knees aren't in the isle.
So staff and I greeted all the outdoor hunters and sportsman at the FNAWS Hunting expo. We have exhibited there for more than 20 years. After that I was supposed to fly back to Billings and the plane was late and I had a terrible cough and cold.  I spent the next week in bed in a hotel. Finally My staff at my office and my doctor at home sent me some drugs to help me start to recover from a terrible virus.
We have the largest outdoor show of the year the Safari club International show in Vegas. Back we go with our Truck and Trailer in tow. If you have not added this up yet myself and other staff members have been gone for weeks.
Our new low safari hats soft in many colors, were a huge hit at this show. We have been showing there and involved with these sportsman for 25 years.  We are producing all our new styles in photos, and post cards we can get you pictures and color samples if you need.
We have new dealers coming on as Special Rand hat shop dealers all over this year. I will update everyone soon. One in Cheyenne Wyo. Canada, Utah, Santa Fe. N Mexico. and  Calif x 2  we are working on additional dealers in the Denver area.
Our  designer Josh A. spent a week in our shop helping us design a bunch of new hats for the Saddle club collection.
Big Thanks to josh for Fresh Ideas, Great art, And many laughs.
One of our new hats is the McQue 7  just like the Steve McQueen hat in Magnificent 7 what a great movie.
Of course when we were traveling we have been inspired to make an additional new Rockin Bar hat in smoke with a hand braided very small hat band and a contrasting binding ribbon edge.  It is a handsome hat. We saw a lot of our friends on the road that we only get to see once a year. Too many to mention. We are very grateful that we got through another year and have a lot of long term relationships that continue on. Randy, Connie, Josh, Thad, Jessica, Rudy. Tom, Nancy, Bruce, Rudy, Sonny, Tamara, Don, ,Kim, Cathy, Steve, Keith, Lisa, Jack, Barc, Kelly, Jorge, Jim. We lost one of our old friends Jack Upchurch Sr. This year.. forgive me as there are to many of our loyal friends that we only get to see once and a while. Dave, Trent, Gary, Sue, Mike, Kate, Austin, Most of our crew who have real lives ourside of Rand's have trained and worked for us for many years and we always Thank them very much
Keep sending in your pictures and Thank you goes out for all the E-mails..

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A customer from the Santa Barbra California sent us a picture.