Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Picking a Hat that looks good on you!

It's easier than you think.
 Most people have preconceived views of themselves. For example, I've heard some shorter people think they need a smaller hat, not wanting to look like Yosemite Sam and then tall people say the same, stating they are to tall already. Women almost always want a small hat when first starting out. What all these people have in common is they are not comfortable with this new thing on their head. So guidelines are just that, guidelines. Big hair big hat... For balance. 

The Gus crease looks great Round face shape ... sharp edges, square face... smooth edges. but they are just guidelines. It's like Justin Wilson the Cajun chef said about the type of wine you should drink with your food. Is the kind of wine YOU like! Same goes for hats. If you have a connection with John Wayne in a certain movie. Own it, have fun with it. If you are using your hat for a Narrow cattleman looks great with a small chin. Like Hunting or horseback riding, we can make some physical recommendations . For example bird hunters get a shorter brim so they don't lose line of site as they aim their gun. Note the custom made hat band we made with regional quail feathers. Bottom line let us help. We do this all the time. We will ask a few questions and will put you in a hat that will work for your need and make you look great as well. Oh yeah we specialize in people that strongly believe they just don't look good in hats. We are professionals , this is all we do. Let use build a hat for you or a loved one. You'll be glad you did!