Friday, September 7, 2012

Rand's back in the Shop

Quality sewn in every stitch, by hand! Sure we have sewing machines. But did you know Rands sews their Premium leather sweats in by hand because it produces less holes per running inch. Why is that important? Sewing machines put so many holes in your hat, and it undermines the integrity of the hat. It's like a spiral bound note book page. That's why the pages rip so easily. The close placed holes. This would make sense if you had a built to last view. You see Rands customers are working cowboys, Ranchers, Hunters and the like. Years down the road, many bring their hat (an old friend) to us to renovate . We clean, re-block , replace the silk liner , and you guessed it. Sew a new leather sweat in. By hand sewing in the sweat the first time, it leave ample room to sew it in the the next time. Just another step Rands takes to ensure you will have years of use and enjoyment.

Ohh yeah that includes hand stitching the hat bands too! No electric band tackers here. Nope, you won't see that signature threaded knot here. It's an old world touch that takes a little more time. But we think it's worth it.

... And ribbon galore. They don't make much of this anymore. And if you need a certain color you have to buy thousands of yards to place and order. Thank heavens we have thousands of yards in many colors and sizes. Some of which is vintage and no longer in production. So when ordering a hat, it's so much more. Look inside, turn down the leather sweatband. You will see the signature of the individual Rand's hatter that made your hat. Their proud of what they've done and you should be too!Rand's  Custom Hats... Heirloom hats, built one at a time, by custom hatters from start to finish.

All of our best to you!