Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Season!

Shop small is the word. Small business day celebrated all over the US is this week right after Thanksgiving. Remember your miniature hat in a Hatbox, Cowboy Sack, Western Tissue, DVD's full color catalog and the rest of the custom fitting is up to us. If you want a personalized gift, we can make it. Call us and talk to Chely, Terri or whoever answers. We are open Monday thru Friday 8 to 5 Mountain Standard time. Check out our new gift certificates.
 Winter is here, here in Montana we have a few inches of snow and the Temperature was a chilly 5 degrees. It got up to 34 degrees today. I talked to my friend in Fort Worth, Tx today, and it was in the 70's. No wonder all the best team ropers in the world live in Texas. 
The Cowboy Christmas show in Vegas starts on Dec 1st through the 10th located at the Las Vegas convention center. Rand's booth number is 560. I will be on duty along with Jorge, Kelly, and Cathy. Please come see all our new hats.
 We also created bar codes for ever ones smart phones, so that you can scan it and up pops our latest video. We have new post cards, of the Rancho Deluxe collection coming out this week. I will get them posted for you all to see in the next few days. Watch for our hats on Larry's Country diner on Cable RFTD. Reminds me of the old He Haw show we did for many years with Buck Owens.
 We are working on a lot of Great Cowboy designs for some new ads in conjunction with a very large clothing company for 2012. Our hats are all over the J L Powell USA catalog.
                                                   Happy Trails From Montana  
                                                            Ritch  R.