Thursday, November 1, 2012


Rand's on quality grading.
Why is our 10X cost more than others.
Grading and X's. I will not speak for others. I can say that
Rand's 10X is 100 % PURE BEAVER fur felt, please forgive
me at the risk of being repetitious... Rand's 10X is
fur felt! Many other
companies call this a 100X.
Still others call it, simply
100% pure beaver. Where the
plot thickens is, hair from all
over the body is still pure
beaver. Your premium beaver
comes from the belly of the
beaver. Randy's calls its hats
made from this area 20X,
while others may call it 100,
200, 500x or more. Years ago the grading was more modest. At Rand's we continue in this tradition. Bare in mind. Grading is not regulated or standardized. Any hat company can put anything they want in a hat. For example: what is a 100X straw that's not felt and most times not even straw but rice paper. 
   Yes most straw hats for sale are not even straw. So buyer
beware. Judge the hat on its own merit. The hat should look
good, feel great and perform. That means hold its shape
and keep its color. Some manufactures place cosmetic
powders, much like woman's makeup to give the hat a rich
luster. This process leaches out
in the rain. Our hat bodies are
dyed with an ink dye which is
color fast. In addition, I believe we are the only hat company that waterproofs All of its hats with Bickmoore water proofing solution. This process adds a further layer of protection to an already water resistant beaver fur felt. Rand's is committed to producing the finest
quality and performing hats possible. So when some one
tells you they got a 100x hat custom made for you cheaper
than our 20x, remember ...
All hats are not equal. Some
are made better and some
cost more. They're a lot of
great custom hats out there.
We would like YOU to try a
Rand's Custom Hats.... Where we put more than X's in the hat!

Happy trails,


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  2. Ritch: this blogpost should be put on your website. It's a clear explanation of the meaning of X and how it relates to your product. I'm in the process of ordering a hat and I wish I had been able to read this off your website. Been a fan for a long time. You mailed me a catalogue back in 09. After some major medical issues (expenses) in the family, I'm ready to order now. Your website is one of the best, but you should put this post on there.